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Grocery comparison diagram
How does the price of different groceries really compare? Use our handy comparison to find out.

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Currently, this is the main portal to access our price comparison database.

Unfortunately, there are only 24 hours in the day but we have a lot of big plans. AlasÖ

In the near future, you will be able to apply a variety of custom filters and searches to our comparison database.

For example, you can filter the prices by store, food category or specialty shopping list. Eventually you will even be able to indicate individual products you would like to compare across various stores.

To take a SNEAK PEEK at the coming search and filter interface, please click here.

As for now, we have the entire price comparison database available for you.

Yes, itís a bit bigger, but itís still relatively easy to figure out and use. Give it a try. Click the link below.

I promise itíll be a fun journey into substantial savings.

(And please donít forget, all the blanks are being filled and updated right now.)

If your favorite food staple or grocery store is not yet included in our list, please contact us to suggest an item or to suggest a store.

Thanks for using our site, and please come see us again for happy and cheaper shopping!

Your friends at CompareGroceryPrices.org

See Entire Comparison Database (opens new window)