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Lots of choices, lots of different prices. We'll help you sort through them to find the best deals.

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New Comparison Search Features

The single comparison chart we offer you right now will soon be a thing of the past. The Comparison Search & Selection feature is our top-priority project right now.

You will be able to pick exactly the items you want to compare and across what stores.

There will be pre-established lists, such as “kitchen staples,” that you can use for quick and easy comparisons. No tedious selection of all those items you need.

Results pages will, of course, be available in print format so you can easily take them along on your shopping trip.

Mobile Access

CompareGroceryPrices.ORG is working to be accessible through your mobile device. Imagine you forgot to check our site before going to the store? No problem at all! Just log on through your cell phone or iPhone. As they say, there is an app for almost anything.


For more updates on regular grocery prices.


To enhance our interactive presence.

Raffles & Prizes

Since we are all for low prices, we thought we should also be all about prizes. Check back soon to see what we’ll have to offer you.

Your Personal Shopping Cart

If you have a very specific selection of items, you will be able to save it in your profile. Every time you come back to compare prices, you just pull up the saved list, without having to make a new selection every time.

Update a Price

Although you can already update a price right now by e-mailing us, we will soon add a fully interactive feature. All you need to do then is click on the price as presented by us and enter the price as seen by you. (Not that we really expect a whole lot of glitches in our price data.)

More Data

Data is the driving force behind our website. We strive to increase the selection of items compared on this site as well as the number of grocery stores.


Of course, CompareGroceryPrices.ORG would not be possible without you, the educated and price-conscious consumer. So please, step on our toes if you see anything that doesn’t seem to make sense or that doesn’t help in figuring out the best prices.