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Welcome to Your New & Free
Online Grocery Price Comparison

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Lots of choices, lots of different prices. We'll help you sort through them to find the best deals.

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Hello and welcome to CompareGroceryPrices.ORG!

This website is designed to offer you a new, free service on the Internet: regular grocery price comparisons.

Whatís so new, you may ask? Well, quite a few things to be honest.

Let me start out by summarizing what type of websites are available at this point, and Iím sure you will immediately see how CompareGroceryPrices.org is different.

There are some webpages with tips and tricks on how to compare grocery prices. However, you still need to find the time and energy to do the comparing yourself.

Other current sites (and good ones at that!) tell you what stores have special sales going on. However, that still doesnít help your overall final bill. If youíre like me (or my wife), youíll probably walk out of the store with many more items than just those articles on sale; meaning you made a lot of purchases at regular prices. Hey, marketing worked to lure you inside the store.

There seem to be a few comparison websites as well, but they are either utterly inconvenient, disorganized and donít take geographic location into consideration, or you have to sign up first and supply plenty of private information. Who knows how much spam that will produce in the future?

In short, I am just not pleased with whatís out there.

CompareGroceryPrices.ORG is different, simpler and, best of all, itís free!

We just put the price information right out there for you to use. Itís a powerful tool. I promise!

If you would like to know more about me or this project, please read on at About Us.

As you access our comparisons, you will notice that CompareGroceryPrices.org is a project of constant progress and renewal. There are many new features in the pipeline to give you more and better comparisons. To see our drawing board of innovations still in the planning stages, please visit Future Plans.

And finally, make sure to return to our website often, so youíre always informed where to buy the best deals. We update the prices in our comparison database constantly.

Now have fun putting your shopping lists together.

Happy and cheaper shopping!

Your friends at CompareGroceryPrices.org


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